Courses taught by Dr. Song at the University of Houston:

Undergraduate Courses

MECE4372: Mechanics-Controls-Vibration Laboratory
  • Cr. 3. (1 1/2-3). Prerequisites: MECE 3360 and 3338. Experimental methods to study dynamic response of structures and process systems. Course includes design of control systems and modification of laboratory hardware.
  • Syllabus (Fall 2006)

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

MECE5397*: Intelligent Structural Systems
  • Cr. 3(3-0). Prerequisites: System Dynamics for 5397* and System Dynamics and Control System Design for 7397*. This course exposes the rapid growing field of intelligent materials and structures, also often called smart materials and structures, to senior and graduate students and gives students necessary theoretic knowledge to design simple applications of smart materials and structures. This course covers basics, modeling, design and control of smart structures using various smart materials such as piezo-ceramics, shape memory alloy, magneto-rheological (MR) fluid, fiber optic sensors, among others. Innovation and research oriented projects will be involved. Requirements will be different for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • This course was developed by Dr. Song with funding via an NSF CAREER award.
  • Syllabus (Fall 2004)
MECE5367: Control System Analysis and Design
  • Cr. 3. (3-0). Prerequisites: MECE 2334, 3338, MATH 3321 and senior standing in Mechanical Engineering. Analysis and design of control systems in mechanical engineering; stability and time response, controller design, state variable approach.
  • Syllabus (Fall 2003)
MECE5338/MECE6387: Intelligent Structural Systems - Online

Graduate Courses

MECE7397*: Control of Smart Structures
  • Cr: (3.0). Prerequisites: System Dynamics or Equivalent and Control System Design or Equivalent or Consent of the Instructor. Description: This course covers selected designs in control of smart structures involving shape memory alloys, piezoceramics, and magneto-rheological (MR) fluids, based on classical, modern , and intelligent control approaches.
  • This course was developed by Dr. Song with funding via an NSF CAREER award.
  • Syllabus (Fall 2005)

*These are temporary course numbers.