Positions Available

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation

    One Ph.D. student is needed to perform research related to control of smart material systems with hysteresis compensation at University of Houston. Qualifications: solid knowledge in controls, and preferably with experience in smart materials such as Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) and piezoceramics. This is a joint project between Professor Grigoriadis and Professor Song, all in Mechanical Engineering. This project is funded by the NSF. Please contact Dr. Grigoriadis at karolos [at] uh.edu or Dr. Song at gsong [at] uh.edu.

  • Smart Materials, Controls, and Sensor Development in General

    One to two graduate research assistants are needed to conduct innovative research in smart materials and structures, controls, and smart materials-based sensor development in general. Please contact Dr. Song at gsong [at] uh.edu if interested.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

One postdoctoral fellow is needed to conduct innovative research in sensor development based on smart materials, including piezoceramics and fiber optics. If interested, please contact Dr. Song at gsong [at] uh.edu.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Self-motivated, research-oriented undergraduates are needed to perform research in smart materials and structures, vibration control, sensor development, and other areas. If interested, please contact Dr. Song at gsong [at] uh.edu.

Several undergraduate students are wanted for participation in the UH NSF Summer REU program in Civil Infrastructure Engineering. (Overview Information, PDF)

Hosting Visiting Scholars

In the past the Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory has hosted visiting scholars from multiple nations and produced fruitful and synergistic research. SMSL will continue to host interested visiting scholars with similar research backgrounds. Please contact Dr. Song if you are interested.


Researchers with different technical backgrounds (Civil Engr, Mechanical Engr., and Engr. Mechanics) from four different universities (UH, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Shenyan Jianzhu University) are conducting a structural health monitoring experiment in the Hsu Structural Research Laboratory at UH.