The Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory was founded by Dr. Song at University of Akron in 1998, and in 1999 the laboratory became fully funtional and included several smart materials experiments. This laboratory played an important role to help Dr. Song secure funding from NSF, NASA, OBR (Ohio Board of Regents), and OAI (Ohio Aerospace Institute). The laboratory initially occupied Room ASEC 417. In 2001, Room ASEC 535 became part of the laboratory, and was used for both teaching and research activities.

Pictures from University of Akron


In 2002, the Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory (SMSL) moved with Dr. Song to University of Houston (UH). With a start-up grant from UH and other funding from NSF, NASA, and HP, the SMSL has dramatically increased its research and education capacities, as reflected in the updated web site.


Moving equipment of SMSL from Akron to Houston.